28 mag 2011

New Awards, new poll and some news... :P

Hi there,
It was a strange blogging week, in just a couple of days, our little community (I like to think of it as "our") found a way to convey to the others how much we appreciate their works and, mainly, how much it's important to know that somebody actually "cares" about what we do and actually waits to see if you post something new ( I'm not sure my english is up to the task this time.... ;P ).
Having said that, I would like to thanks Lord Siwoc for nominating me, Johnny is one of my best blogging pals and he's always ready to give good advices and helping me to complete my conversions/miniatures. He has an interesting blog about the Zombapocalypse in the town of ...(need to know the name!!!)... As a plus, being my only Danish visitor, it's easy for me to "track" him, you cannot hide mate!! ;p.
My third nomination came from Spartan 117, a real surprise for me since I absolutely didn't expected it, what I mean is that I barely expected one nomination, let alone three :)! "The Quick and the Zed" is a really interesting blog focused on "Everything Zombie" where you can find some interesting news and clix repaints (something I really appreciate!).
Thank you to both of you! :D

Having said that, I would like to ask you to, please, vote in the poll you can see on the side bar so I can decide what to do next... In the meanwhile I'll try to buy some new colors and "clean up" my paint station.

Now, let's talk about Ralph. I decided to follow some of your advices and I tried to give him a golf club. First time I try to do something like that and I need some advices. I still haven't painted it so you can see it better... I think I've made it too long but what is your opinion? Advices, as always are really appreciated, ....
That's it for now, I think this will be my last English only post, from now on I will continue with my old format of double text, both Italian and English, to allow everyone to read without too many problems (Who knows, maybe I could add even the French sooner or later ..) ;)

Per tutti gli Italianofili e "Latini" in genere, Vi volevo segnalare anche il Blog di Sinclair dove le tematiche ludiche vengono trattate in un modo abbastanza approfondito e ricercato, meritevole di lettura, soprattutto se accompagnato da un bel sigaro ed un bicchiere di buon Cognac!! ;)
Per il momento è tutto, credo che questo sarà il mio ultimo post principalmente in Inglese, d'ora in poi continuerò con il mio vecchio formato del doppio testo in Italiano e Inglese per permettere a tutti di leggere senza troppi problemi ( Chissà, magari potrei aggiungere anche il Francese prima o poi.. ) ;)

25 mag 2011

Stylish Blogger award.... to me?!?!?!? SURPRISE!!! XD

Today something happened I never tought it would be... I've been nominated for a Stylish Blogger Award and I'll have to admit that I'm an happy hobbist...
I started this blog back in early 2010 to follow the advice of some of my friends as an incentive to complete my modelling/wargaming projects because, as a lazy hobbyist like I am, I actually painted for years without finishing a single squad of miniatures or even a diorama/vignette.
Writing this blog helped me to actually complete some projects and, most importantly, it gave me the opportunity to share my hobby with others, like a virtual showcase of what I do.
When I started it, I imagined it more like a way to communicate with my gaming/modelling buddies to share our progresses without having to wait for the next gaming night.
I always surfed the net eagerly in search of ideas and pictures of other fellow gamers from around the world and I lurked a lot of blogs keeping a low profile too shy to comment in my imperfect english.
Everything changed when I saw that Vampifan had written an article in "Dadi e piombo", great was my surprise and I felt compelled in saying hello on his blog. Bryan was so kind to share my blog on his (even if my posts were exclusively in Italian) and then a new "era" begun for my little Blog... In a few weeks I started to receive visits from all around the world (Denmark, Uk, Argentina and many others) and, particularly with some of you, I started to share something more than my "private showcase"...
I would like to thank you all for your continous support ..
the Award 'rules' are as follow.

1. A thank you and link back to the nominating blog.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to 10 or so other deserving blogs.
4. Let them know of your nominating them for the award.

Thank You

I would like to thank Zombie Ad of "The lead will walk the earth" who nominated me and is a welcome sight in my little virtual domain... He's got a great blog about Zombie wargaming that is worth checking out ( Even if he doesn't know what a Lancia Lybra is.. ;P ).

Seven Things About Me

1. I paint and convert alot but, everytime I play, for one reason or another, it's with unpainted miniatures or proxies because I still haven't assembled what I need... Frustrating at times...

2. As a french born Italian, I started to learn English playing to the 1992 pc game "Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis" because my father was fed to translate every dialogue to me.... I may be annoying at times... ;P .

3. I love classical music, I often paint with "Carmen" or "Die Zauberflute" in the background, I think it's relaxing... I love 80's style music too..

4. I hate to go on ebay and found that I cannot buy something because "We don't ship to Mexico, Afganistan and Italy" it pisses me off!

5. I hate to buy something on ebay and never received it because, perhaps, number 4 was right. It REALLY pisses me off!

6. I lost my job in January but life goes on and I'm an Optimist (not the Dinghy, of course).

7. Soon I'll be married and then, hobby time will be in danger.... She will never have me alive!!! :D

10 Deserving Blogs

1. Zerloon Place - An Italian blog where you can read a lot of gaming diaries ( In Italian ) about wargames, boardgames and many other things.. A good painter and a good friend, it's his fault if I have a blog..

2. Vampifan's World of The Undead - The Zombie gaming blog everyone should read. Un grande!

3. The Angry Lurker - I've seen Fran's Avatar in nearly each Blog I follow, a great guy with alot of wonderful miniatures and a really beautiful Samurai period collection

4. Obviously Zed - Can't wait to see the Whiteface's saga continue! A great ATZ Zombie Batreps blog.

5. Carmen Fun Painty Time - This guy is a genius! I like everything he makes, a lot of great ideas here...

6. Dwartist's painting Blog - A great painter who makes wonderful things....

7. Oniria's war paints - A spanish painter with a particular and unmistakable style... a must see!!

8. Akula's Blog - You are interested in wargaming something? He's already doing it... ;)

9. Bandit86 blog - A Quar fan who make some really interesting conversions..

10. Corvus' Miniatures - A great painter, some interesting Work in progress...

Unfortunately I can't nominate every blog I consider worthy but it don't means that I don't like your work, I hope you'll understand...
Thank you again!!! :)

22 mag 2011

Aggiornamenti - Parte 4

Ciao a tutti,
Visto che non posso perdere tempo a navigare per il web senza meta, ho dato due pennellate alla tipa della Reaper che avevo modificato un po' di tempo fa. Niente di particolarmente elaborato ma, anche considerando il pesante lavoro di pulizia della miniatura che si era rivelato necessario, posso ritenermi soddisfatto.In onore della Giusy che mi ha permesso di usare il suo portatile per un veloce aggiornamento visto che il mio computer è out, Vi presento Josephine... Ultima cosa da fare sarà la basetta, ma solo dopo che si sarà catalizzato lo stucco.
Aspetto vostri consigli :)
Hi there,
since I can't surf the internet as I usually do, I've used the free time earned to quickly complete the Reaper girl I converted some time ago. Nothing too fancy but, considering the work needed to clean the miniature, I'm satisfied about her.. To thank Giusy (my Girlfriend) which allowed me to use her laptop, I named the miniature Josephine.
I only need to paint the base and she's complete..
As always your comments are really appreciated... :)

21 mag 2011

Computer KO!!!

Ciao a tutti,
un veloce post per comunicarvi che mi si è rotto il PC.. Cercherò di utilizzare il tempo lontano dall'informatica per produrre più modelli.....
Hi to everyone,
I just want to make you know that my computer crashed and viruses have taken control of it... i'll try to use this time to paint a little more....

8 mag 2011

Aggiornamenti - Parte 3

Ciao a tutti,
in questo periodo sono molto meno prolifico ma non temete, cercherò di rimettermi in riga al più presto!
Detto questo, vi rendo partecipi di una piccola miniatura (l'ennesimo predipinto heroclix) che mi sono semplicemente limitato ad imbasettare e dipingere in maniera decente.
Il personaggio in questione è "Mockingbird", personaggio secondario della famiglia MARVEL della quale, non essendo io particolarmente appassionato al mondo dei supereroi, non ho la più pallida idea di chi sia. Devo però dire che mi sono innamorato del suo costume appena l'ho vista in una delle mie svariate ricerche per clix da utilizzare nel "Progetto Z". Detto fatto, ne ho rimediata una a 0,50£ e mi sono divertito a "rifarle il trucco" da zero. Ho realizzato una basetta urbana ed ho utilizzato un lampione da modellismo ferroviario et voilà!
Ultimo tocco che ho voluto dare al miniatura è stato quello di riprodurre la copertina del primissimo numero del fumetto in cui Mockinbird ha fatto il suo debutto, di certo non parliamo di un Caravaggio ma mi piace...
Che ve ne pare? ;)
Hello everyone,
as you certainly noticed, in this period I'm less prolific but don't worry, I'll try to get back on line soon!
That said, I would like to share with you another HeroClix I repainted just because I liked it.. This time no conversion was made, I simply based and repainted it in a decent way.
The character in question is "Mockingbird", a secondary character from the MARVEL universe. Since I am not a great fan of superheroes, I have not the faintest idea who she is But, I must say, I was in love with her costume as soon as I saw her in one of my "clix research" for "Project Z" convertions I usually make.
Having said that, I've bought one for £0.50 and I enjoyed working on her from scratch. I made ​​an Urban base and I used a model railway streetlight from FALLER et voila!
Last thing I've made, wanting to give the miniatures that "particular" touch, I made with some paper a comic where I painted the cover of the very first number in which Mockinbird made ​​its debut, certainly not a Caravaggio but I like it...
What do you think? ;)

1 mag 2011

Aggiornamenti - Parte 2

Ciao a tutti,
stavo cercando di fare un po' di spazio sulla mia postazione di pittura per dedicarmi ad una squadra di falangisti per la Guerra civile spagnola quando mi sono sono detto che, forse, era il caso di terminare gli ultimi due sopravvissuti che avevo modificato in questo post prima di dedicarmi effettivamente ad altro.
Mi sono quindi dedicato un paio di orette a dipingere il panciuto Ralph. Come potete vedere, la pittura è alquanto approssimativa ed ho sicuramente fatto di meglio però ritengo che vada bene.
Non ho ancora dipinto il fucile poiché mi piacerebbe trovare un fucile da caccia un po' più moderno rispetto ad un Kar98 tedesco della seconda guerra mondiale!! ;)
A voi la palla quindi per i vostri commenti...

Hello Everyone,
I was trying to do some space on my painting station before to dedicate myself in painting a Falangist squad for the Spanish Civil war when I decided to actually complete the two Zombie survivors I modified in this post.
So I spent a couple of hours in painting potbellied Ralph.As you can see, painting is very rough and I have certainly done better but I think it's still fine.
I have not painted the gun as I'd like to find a hunting rifle a bit more "modern" than a WWII German Kar98! ;)
Please Let me know what you think of him...