30 apr 2014

Imperial Guard and a little recap - (Pic heavy)

Ciao a tutti,
come al solito sono sparito, purtroppo il tempo di mettermi al computer per scrivere qualcosa di nuovo ed interessante sul blog è sempre meno... Trovandomi davanti al pesante dilemma tra scrivere post interessanti ed elaborati (senza foto) e scrivere poche righe inframmezzate da tantissime foto delle mie ultime creature, penso preferiate la seconda....
Bando alle ciance allora, per il momento mi limiterò a condividere con voi il risultato degli ultimi 2 mesi di modellismo "Imperiale"..
Hi everyone,
as usual I've disappeared for a while, unfortunately the time I have to sit at the computer to write something new and interesting on the blog is always less ... Finding myself in front of the heavy dilemma between writing interesting and deep posts (with no photos) and write a few lines interspersed with many pics of my latest creations, I think you'll prefer the latter ....
'Nuff said then, for the moment I will share with you the results of the last two months of "Imperial" modeling ..
Cardboard and plasticard scratch built Griffon... Obviously, I can't use it anymore... GRRRR!!!

The Griffon mortar is removable, I'll try to build a new gun to use it as a Wyvern
Veteran Squad of Guardsmen, The sergeant and the Commissar are the most recent additions
The sgt's Cross, his cap and the skull with laurel on the Commissar cap are modelled from scratch with green stuff.

The Commissar has started his life as Colonel commissar Gaunt, I've used a slightly adapted Victoria miniatures sword arm and a German officer head from Warlord Miniatures.
Group shot....

Here comes the Inquisition, 3 converted and repainted heroclix used as Death cult assassins
You already know Cassandra, right? :)

Some Specialists

Company Command Squad
Heavy Weapon Team
Bunker from Cork tiles..

Air Support

The Ruins on the base were about to be thrown away by a friend because badly painted and damaged, I asked him to give them to me so I could try to salvage them, I think I was able to... ;) 

Painting the cockpit like that gave me the bits to model the control station on the griffon...

Per ora è tutto, vi chiedo ancora scusa se non ho scritto molto di più ma, converrete con me, che sono stati un paio di mesi particolarmente proficui, spero di essere perdonato!! Aspetto con ansia le vostre opinioni, come sempre, graditissime... ;)
That's all for now, I again apologize to you all if I did not write much more but, you will agree with me, that those have been a couple of particularly profitables months, I hope I'll be forgiven! I look forward to your opinions which are, as always, most welcome ... ;)

Ciao!!! :)

11 commenti:

  1. Fantastic selection of models and they really work well as a cohesive force. Great job!

  2. That's all really nice work - but then I have come to expect that from you :-) .

  3. Eccomi a bordo Capitano!
    Che fantastiche opere realizzi, quanto vorrei essere li soltanto per un minuto quando colori per imparare a dipingere così bene :-)
    Complimenti, ti seguirò, a presto
    ciao Alessandro

  4. Love the converted clix! Those look awesome.

    The entire force looks great together, good feel, and great mix of figs.

  5. Really....It just looks awesome mate! Well done. Especially the white uniforms!

  6. Great job (not a GW man myself) but these are great Always appreciate your work.

  7. Fantastic work,some of the best guard iv ever seen

  8. Great stuff! as always I have pick you for a Liebster award. follow along and play if you want