5 mag 2012

I'm back!!!! - Ariecchime!!

Ciao a tutti,
dopo un piacevolissimo viaggio in Normandia e Parigi, rieccomi di nuovo. Il tempo di riassestarmi un attimo e ricomincerò a produrre... :)

Hi Guys,
after a very pleasing honeymoon in Normandy and Paris, I'm back. Give me some days to recollect some ideas and I'll be productive again.... :)

Di nuovo sulla piazza (e non parlo della mia pettinatura!) - A sneak peak on one of my future projects.. Guess what it is... ;) 
Ciao a tutti ed a Presto!!
Bye Guys, see you soon!!

2 commenti:

  1. You have been missed mate!

    15 mm Flames of war perhaps?

  2. Heilà Mate,
    sorry for my late answer, you guessed it..... wrong! ;P
    I'm talking about Normandy firefight, the WWII skirmish from North Star (the author is W.Kinrade). But it's a low priority projects... :)