24 ago 2012

BloodBowl a risparmio - Parte 4 (FINISHED!!!)

Ciao a tutti,
sono appena tornato da una vacanza di 15 giorni in camper in giro per ll'Italia e la Francia del Sud, purtroppo temo di essermi ingrassato di almeno 2 chili!!! XD
Detto questo, appena tornato a casa ho deciso di completare la squadra del Chaos alla quale stavo lavorando, considerando che mi mancavano 2 modelli per avere la squadra completa più un giocatore di riserva, mi sono dedicato a questo..

Hi Guys,
I'm finally back home after a 2 weeks holiday across northern Italy and southern France in Camping car, unfortunately, I'm afraid I've picked up at least 2 kilos of weight!! XD
That said, as soon I was home, I decided to complete the last 2 models of my Bood bowl Chaos squad and to paint the bases of the entire team.

The complete Team- 11 Players, 1 Reserve and a Cheerleader
Come potete vedere, la squadra è composta da 4 guerrieri del Chaos molto "vintage" ottenuti da modelli vecchi di quasi un ventennio , 3 beastmen in piombo e 5 anch'essi abbastanza vecchiotti. Devo dire di essere soddisfatto del risultato finale considerando anche il costo irrisorio dato che la maggior parte dei modelli sono stati brutalmente "riciclati"!! ;)

As you can see, the team is composed of 4 really vintage Chaos warriors, 3 metal beastmen and 5 oold plastic beastmen I've modified.
I must say I'm satisfied by the final result especially because the whole squad was really cheap to assemble since most of the models were brutally "recicled" from one of my bits boxes.

Chaos warriors

Metal Beastmen

Plastic Beastmen

One of my warriors converted from an human from the Bloodbowl 2nd edition box.

Another of my warriors converted from an orc (!) from the Bloodbowl 2nd edition box.

Per completare veramente la squadra mi mancherebbe da dipingere il minotauro e, magari una seconda cheerleader, ma non ho fretta... Per ora è tutto, aspetto, come sempre i Vs consigli/pareri che sono come sempre graditissimi.. :)

To really complete the squad I should paint the minotaur and, perhaps, a second cheerleader but those can wait.... That's all for now, as usual your comments/advices are really apreciated.. :)
Ready to play!!!

5 commenti:

  1. Nice work Gnotta and 2 kilos is only 4.4lbs, that's not that bad!

    1. Thanks Fran,
      about my extra weight, the problem is that I've been on a diet almost all my life (with usually scarce results...) Taking weight is dangerous, when you start, you never know when (if) you'll stop!! ;)

  2. That is a job well done mate!

    Good work on the conversions. It is amazing what some of us gamers have hiding around in bit boxes....

    1. Thank you pal,
      I've two (fairly big) bits boxes, one with the "good" bits, another with mostly rubbish and damaged ones.... Well having used the 2nd box was a real success (AND I demonstrated to my dear wife that she DON'T have to throw everything in the recycle bin!!)

  3. I know this comment is a bit late in time, but I've only seen this post now, and couldn't move on without congratulating you for some excellent conversion jobs!
    And what a great looking team it turned out!