3 dic 2012

Old Guard, new paint style - Parte 1

Ciao a tutti,
l'altro giorno stavo cercando di trovare un po' di spazio dove installare la mia nuova stampante quando mi sono imbattuto in un mio vecchio ufficiale Cadiano di Wh40k dipinto alla fine degli anni 90. Io sono affezionato alle mie vecchie "creature" poiché sono il miglior testimone di come si è evoluta la mia tecnica pittorica, purtroppo però, questo panzuto modello aveva la pittura così rovinata e scheggiata che l'unica soluzione possibile era quella di ridipingerlo da capo. Dopo un rapido bagno nella nitro, preso da ispirazione artistica, ho voluto provare a dipingerlo d'impulso con lo schema che ho deciso di usare per la mia Guardia in plastica.
Hi there,
last weekend, while I was trying to find a spot where to install my new printer, I stumbled in one officer model from my old Cadian army for Wh40k that I had painted at the end of the nineties. I usually don't repaint old models because I think they are the best witness about my progressing skill in painting but, unfortunately, this potbellied officer had his paintjob so chipped and damaged that the only viable solution was to strip it down and repaint it from scratch.. Wanting to repaint it immediately and not wanting to add it in my "unpainted lead mountain", I've decided to paint it with the new paint-scheme I'm using for my plastic Imperial Guard.

Old model, new techniques
Come vi dicevo ho dipinto questo modello più per motivi affettivi che altro però devo dire che questo schema di colore mi piace proprio, forse ho trovato un modo di usare tutti quei vecchi cadiani in piombo che ho in giro per casa... ;)
As I said, I've painted this model more for sentimental reasons than for the practical use of it but I really like this paint-scheme, perhaps I've found an use for all the upainted old cadian I still got around the house... ;)

Per ora è tutto, a voi che ve ne pare? come sempre, i vostri commenti/consigli sono molto apprezzati..

That's all for now,  as usual your comments/advices are really apreciated..

Ciao! ;)

11 commenti:

  1. Nice job on a classic figure. This is one of my favourites. But the pot belly always made me wonder why an officer from Cadia would look like this when they are supposed to be so disciplined.

    1. Thanks for the compliments Brummie. :)
      When I was 20, I didn't liked too much this model because I was "upset" at the fact that all the other Guard officers looked like real badasses and the one I had to use what fat (I was fat too then, perhaps that helped). In the following years, I realised that the only really characterful officer that "stand out" from the crowd is this one (I even purchased a second one at some time!)
      About cadians and pot belly, if I'm not remembering wrong, I've read somewhere an interview of one of the Perry twins (don't remember which), and he said that he used the General Schwarzkopf of Desert Storm fame as inspiration..

    2. There is a good resemblance for sure. Have you read any of the Eisenhorn books? one of those has a big chunk based on Cadia and has some really good background material.

  2. I've always liked this figure. I did consider using a converted version of him for my Vampifan figure but decided that the Copplestone Militia trooper was a better match. Nice colour scheme you have chosen for him.

    1. Welcome back in my little home Vampi. Many thanks for the compliment. I also think that the copplestone model is a better match, the GW models are just way too big if compared with Studio miniatures or hasslefree.. ;)

  3. Stupenda mini, come al solito!

    La tua Guardia Imperiale è piena di pezzi particolari, e molto belli!

    1. Ti ringrazio,
      se solo fosse anche dipinta in quantità sufficiente!! ;)

  4. Well I like this model! Pot belly and all!!!

    I think I have a unit of metal cadians around here as well. Think they will go onto ebay though...

    1. I don't know how much lead I've got around the house... Honestly I don't want to think about how much I've spent in my "modelling career"... ;P