28 ago 2011

Al lavoro! - Back to work, various WIP - Parte 2

Ciao a tutti,
causa impegni vari (questa volta piacevoli!), non ho potuto completare tutti i modelli che avevo iniziato la settimana scorsa ma penso di concluderli a breve (anche perché Giocaroma incombe!)..
Per il momento godetevi il tipaccio che ho completato..
Hi there,
since I was particularly busy lately (this time for positive things, at last!), I wasn't able to complete all the models I've started last week but I'm sure I will before not too long (I'll need them for Giocaroma
For now, here is the bad guy I've finished..
Lance - Simple repaint of - HeroClix Infinity Challenge - #017 Henchman

Che ve ne pare? :)
What do you think of it? :)

9 commenti:

  1. He could work as a skinhead.

    Good work

  2. I was precisely thinking to use it as a ganger..

  3. Bloody great figure! Where's he from?

  4. He looks brill love the braces. I really must have a mooch through the clix on ebay because he is quite characterful

  5. Thanks guys! :)

    @Chris & Brummie: The miniature is an HeroClix Infinity Challenge serie. #017 Henchman, usually you can find him at £1,00, more or less.. :)

  6. Bello forte! Mi piace particolarmente l'incarnato, ti è venuto molto bene.