28 mag 2011

New Awards, new poll and some news... :P

Hi there,
It was a strange blogging week, in just a couple of days, our little community (I like to think of it as "our") found a way to convey to the others how much we appreciate their works and, mainly, how much it's important to know that somebody actually "cares" about what we do and actually waits to see if you post something new ( I'm not sure my english is up to the task this time.... ;P ).
Having said that, I would like to thanks Lord Siwoc for nominating me, Johnny is one of my best blogging pals and he's always ready to give good advices and helping me to complete my conversions/miniatures. He has an interesting blog about the Zombapocalypse in the town of ...(need to know the name!!!)... As a plus, being my only Danish visitor, it's easy for me to "track" him, you cannot hide mate!! ;p.
My third nomination came from Spartan 117, a real surprise for me since I absolutely didn't expected it, what I mean is that I barely expected one nomination, let alone three :)! "The Quick and the Zed" is a really interesting blog focused on "Everything Zombie" where you can find some interesting news and clix repaints (something I really appreciate!).
Thank you to both of you! :D

Having said that, I would like to ask you to, please, vote in the poll you can see on the side bar so I can decide what to do next... In the meanwhile I'll try to buy some new colors and "clean up" my paint station.

Now, let's talk about Ralph. I decided to follow some of your advices and I tried to give him a golf club. First time I try to do something like that and I need some advices. I still haven't painted it so you can see it better... I think I've made it too long but what is your opinion? Advices, as always are really appreciated, ....
That's it for now, I think this will be my last English only post, from now on I will continue with my old format of double text, both Italian and English, to allow everyone to read without too many problems (Who knows, maybe I could add even the French sooner or later ..) ;)

Per tutti gli Italianofili e "Latini" in genere, Vi volevo segnalare anche il Blog di Sinclair dove le tematiche ludiche vengono trattate in un modo abbastanza approfondito e ricercato, meritevole di lettura, soprattutto se accompagnato da un bel sigaro ed un bicchiere di buon Cognac!! ;)
Per il momento è tutto, credo che questo sarà il mio ultimo post principalmente in Inglese, d'ora in poi continuerò con il mio vecchio formato del doppio testo in Italiano e Inglese per permettere a tutti di leggere senza troppi problemi ( Chissà, magari potrei aggiungere anche il Francese prima o poi.. ) ;)

6 commenti:

  1. (Damn he is on to me) Hehe nice to know you notice me. You have a great blog mate. I voted for the van and conversion of clix. You really do great on converting those plastic minatures.

    As for the golfclub, is is just right. There is a golfclub named big bertha I think. And it looks pretty much like the one you have right there.

    Google in pictures BIG BERTHA GOLF, Do remeber the GOLF....Or just don`t say I did not warn you.... ;-)

  2. Okay, I've just voted for the van for Project Z. I know you can convert and paint figures extremely well, but I want to see how you handle vehicles. It'll be a cahange from your other work, too.
    I agree with Lord Siwoc about the golf club - it looks fine as is. And it fits the figure so well, as if he was meant to be holding it.

  3. Well Done:D

    For me the head of the mace is a little big, BUT since there is this Big Bertha (I googled, an add "golf" is a must!)there is no problem :D

    Go for it!

  4. I voted for the van, only because ther was no "Paint Some Zombies" box to check! You've got to start some time! :)

    The golf club looks about the right length, just find a recognisable brand of driver (like you normally do) such as Ping, for painting

  5. The van is ahead, I think I'll start to work on it.... ;)
    @LS: Thanks mate, will look in that direction (rigourously with GOLF!)
    @Vampi: I hope to do a good work... :=)
    @Zerlo: Pure im inglese.... whoooaa!!! :P
    @ZA: In due time my friend.... ;) I didn't add a "zombie" box because I knew it would have been winner hands down.. :P

  6. No question about it. If you'd have added a "Zombie box" it would have won hands down!