31 lug 2011

Little pause and "Burglar" issues... >:(

Ciao a tutti,
come alcuni di voi già sapranno, ho recentemente ricevuto la sgradita visita di qualche fastidioso topo d'appartamento. Fortunatamente non sembra si siano fregati nulla oltre all'innegabile fastidio derivato dal fatto che mi hanno divelto una finestra. Il modellismo passerà quindi in secondo piano per un po'... Scusate il disagio ma sono sicuro che capirete...
Per farmi "perdonare" Eccovi il link a due numeri gratuiti della rivista Miniature wargames resi disponibili per i blog per festeggiare la loro publicazione in formato online..
A presto!! ;)


Hi guys,
As some of you already know, I recently received the unwelcome visit of some really annoying burglars in my apartment. Fortunately it does not seem they have stolen anything besides the undeniable discomfort derived from the fact that they have smashed one of my windows. Model making will then go into a low priority level for a while, Sorry about that but I'm sure you'll understand...
Wanting to "excuse" me, here is the link to two free issues of Miniature wargames kindly available for blogs to share.
See you soon!!

15 commenti:

  1. Sorry to here your news, I hope they catch the bastards!

  2. Indeed sorry to hear that. I had my first car stolen many years ago. It never felt the same after that. Can't imagine what having your home broken into must feel like.

    I'm glad I have two big dogs :0)

  3. For f... sake! They are gone with the wind those bastards!

    Hope you get it fixed soon mate!

  4. Very sorry to hear that, fucking bastards.

  5. oh, sorry to hear that, luckily nothing was taken. I hope you are soon back with your Z art. :)

  6. Ragazzi, forza, siamo con voi. Ci sentiamo, magari ci si vede in settimana anche prima di sabato!

  7. That sucks. Glad that you and your stuff are ok. Bastards!

  8. Mi dispiace per te, ma se non altro non hanno rubato nulla.
    Spero che al ladro venga una potentissima diarrea e non rieca a trovare un bagno libero neanche a pagarlo! è_é

  9. So sory to hear that. I hope you and paticularly your other half are feeling ok (as well as you can be) the intrusion itself is what is worrying more than anything else.

  10. Thank you all for your kind words,
    yesterday I was able to fix the window with my dad (this means €500 I will spare!) but I will install bars to all my windows and this means I must spend 3000€ (I've got a small apartment but with HUGE windows! ;) ). I don't think I will buy miniatures for a while... ;)
    About the feelings... They have "violated our nest" a really unpleasant sensation....

  11. Mi dispiace, torna presto e metti in sicurezza la casa!

  12. Really sorry to hear that news. But your ok and that's what matters. Glad you did not lose anything.

  13. So very sorry to hear about this. I've been though this ordeal myself many years ago and it is not a nice experience.

  14. Being burgled is a horrible experience. Apart from the cost there is the horrible feeling of violation.

    My sympathies.

  15. My sympathies also mate, I was also robbed a couple of years ago, the 'violated' feeling is the worst part of it, there is nothing worse than knowing someone has been in your safe place, and gone through your things, they are dirty dogs *shakes fist*