9 apr 2011

Lo sport fa bene... Parte 1

Ciao a tutti,
un velocissimo aggiornamento. Oggi pomeriggio, mentre aspettavo si catalizzasse lo stucco per le modifiche di cui vi parlavo ieri, ho dato due velocissime pennellate all'ennesimo clix.. Questa volta nessuna modifica, il modello andava già bene così, ho solo perso un'oretta scarsa per dare nuova vita a questa sportiva ragazza.. Ultime cose da ritocare saranno i capelli e devo dipingergli le scarpe, ancora esito su quale colore usare...
Hi there,
a really quick update. This afternoon, while I waited for the Green stuff to cure in the two conversions I was talking about yesterday, I dedicated a little less than an hour in painting another clix. No conversions this time, the miniature was already good, I just need to paint the boots and to finish the hair.
Scusate la foto pessima, appena completato cercherò di farne delle migliori....
Sorry for the crappy pic, I'll try o take a better one as soon I complete the painting..

4 commenti:

  1. That's come out superbly. Just goes to show that many of the clix miniatures are actually pretty good scuplts.

  2. They look that good because of the good paintjob, very well done.

  3. Nice work1 I don't recognise the figure even though I have loads of Heroclix and Horrorclix figures. Who is she?

  4. Hi there,
    as usual, I would like to thank you all for the continuous support :)
    This miniature wasn't so bad, just a little attention in removing the moldlines and everything was ready to receive a little paint..
    Looking at the clix I can say than more than a few are sculpted in a decent way, the real problem is the "thickness" of the paint they are sold with (a paint I still wasn't able to find a way to remove without ruining the miniature itself).
    Another problem is the scale, some are way too large (usually the best sculpted) others are too small...

    @ Vampifan: Here is a link to an online shop so you may see what miniature I used.. http://www.farinatoysandcards.com/new/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=43_73&products_id=1022&osCsid=0355bed61837244f962c879c6c394c62