26 giu 2011

Poll results - Parte 1

Hi everyone,
after nearly 1 month since I've asked you to vote in my poll about "what to do next", I would like to thank you all for the vote and now, those are the results:
  • A civilian van for "Progetto Z" - 13 votes (65%);
  • Convert some clix for "PZ" - 5 votes (25%);
  • You have some roman Gladiators, why you don't paint them? - 4 votes (20%);
  • Paint a single miniature at high standard for display - 1 vote (5%);
  • Paint some Italian or Falangists for the "Spanish civil war" - 1 vote (5%);
  • Paint some Napoleonics in 28mm - 1 vote (5%);
  • Paint some International Brigade for "SCW" - 0 votes (0%);
  • Paint some ACW in 28mm - 0 votes (0%).
 As you can see, the Van for my Zombie games won hands down and was followed by some clix convertions fo the same project.
Here we are then, you've asked for it and you'll have it!! ;)
I only need a news team now!
 I've made the antenna (which is mobile) with a piece of sprue, some putty and paper clips...
Work in progress of the Antenna dish.
For the second van, I've only repainted a 1/60 Ambulance trying to weather it alot. I'm not overly satisfied of it but I'm sure it will do the job! ;)
Weathered civilian van, perfect for a group of Survivors or gangers.
That's all for now, Next I will finish 3 clix I was modifying and then I'll paint some of my WIP gladiators.
Please let me know what you think and let me know if you have any suggestions....
Ciao!!! ;)

9 commenti:

  1. I really like the van, the antenna TV is a true gem.

    The second one is still very good, but for a perfect aged feel you shoul add a bit of mud to the tires, they seems to shining :D

    Keep the good works my friend! :D

  2. That came out great! Good work indeed.

    And now as you say...you need a news team of survivors!

  3. Great job. Really like the second van, looks very old and very weathered.

  4. Great work on both of those vehicles. You've given them a really nice treatment. I'm jealous, but you've given me some super ideas, cheers sir!

  5. The paint jobs on both vans are excellent! That antenna on the news van works exceptionally well. I agree with Lord Siwoc, a news team to go with the van would be the logical choice for what to do next... assuming you don't already have a news team painted up.

  6. Nice paintjob, I love the TV news van.